Happy Mother with her Child

"I have absolutely loved the 5 week course! It’s been such a great outlet and learning center. Kasaundra is so inviting and loving, which made it easy to share my postpartum experience and feelings. I have come away not only with a new community of friends, but also loads of education. The classes have given me the ability to shift my point of view and hopefully I can start to thrive in my postpartum journey!"

— Alexis Barney

Portrait of Smiling Woman

I took Rhea's postpartum class online and really enjoyed it. The community the group of us built was one of support and a place to share experiences. Kasaundra was a fantastic teacher who facilitated great discussion and took the time to learn the needs of each member of the class. The material was so needed for new moms. I especially loved the classes on emotional health and self care. Things that new moms often don't think about. I highly recommend this class to other new moms!

— Sara Deeks