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“Me Time” Matters in More Ways Than You May Think

“Me time”—it’s a phrase that gets kicked around in nearly every mom group out there. In theory, it seems like a great idea. Relax in a warm bath, read your favorite book, maybe rest your eyes for a moment or two. However, in practice, “me time” may come with a bit more baggage than that.

Maybe you aren’t sure what to do with yourself when you aren’t feeding babies or chasing toddlers.

Maybe you feel guilty for not doing all of the things.

Maybe you simply don’t know what to do when you get some free time.

The truth is, all of these thoughts are normal. Taking care of anyone is hard, but sometimes the hardest of all is remembering to take care of ourselves.

Let’s talk about what “me time” is and how to do it.

Step One: Pick an Activity

What do you love to do? Not what do you have to do to keep your world spinning, but what

brings you joy? Whatever “that” is, it’s worth making time for again. Consider the activities that you love doing the most and then use that as the backdrop for planning. The activity itself is not as important as the time that you’re carving out for yourself.

Step Two: Put it on the Calendar

Now that you’ve chosen an activity it's time to put it on the Calendar. Try to choose something that’s recurring that you can look forward to weekly or monthly. Let your partner know about this activity. Talk about it with friends and family members. The more you get it out there that you’re doing this thing, the more real it becomes. Saying it out loud makes it more of a commitment.

Step Three: Make Childcare Arrangements

Some people get held up at this step simply because it can be extremely difficult to trust someone to care for your child, or you feel guilty about asking your spouse or family members to help out. First, if you are incredibly hesitant about leaving your child at a daycare or with a nanny, then perhaps focus on your closest circle first. Mom guilt is a real thing, and it almost always bubbles to the surface when we do something for ourselves. Perhaps a change in perspective will help. Consider this time as an opportunity for someone else to bond with the baby and strengthen those relationships.

Step Four: Have Fun!

Being a mom and having fun are not mutually exclusive. You need to carve some time for yourself to recharge and reconnect to yourself. Doing so helps you avoid burnout and allows you to partake in some refreshing self-care. Being a mother is such a rewarding thing, but it’s an exhausting thing, too. You deserve a break! Give yourself a few dedicated moments to simply have fun.

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