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Get the Help Hospitals Don't Give

Hospitals and healthcare workers care about new moms, but their time and energy is focused on making sure you deliver a healthy baby and not as much on your health after birth. That's why you only get one checkup after birth. 

Studies show that women need a year to recover both physically and emotionally after childbirth as relationships, person self-worth, finances and health are all put through the mill. 

Do you have someone to...

  • Guide you through changing relationship dynamics

  • Ensure you understand the key pelvic floor exercises to prevent prolapse and incontinence

  • Explain how to combat postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Help you process your birth story

  • Share the best ways to get enough sleep with a newborn

  • Teach you how to recognize mental health warning signs

  • Show you know how to combat loneliness

  • Demonstrate how to balance your new role with your old responsibilities

  • Help you to recognize and balance your personal needs after birth

Every year thousands of mothers struggle in isolation, mental health issues go undetected, and mothers feel invisible. In fact, when asked, "What feelings do you associate with the first year of motherhood?" Here's what moms said:

The transition into motherhood isn't easy and it certainly isn't something that we can navigate by instinct. We're here to help you navigate complex mental, emotional, and physical changes.


Five Workshops + 3 Months of Support

​Our classes are live, interactive, and online. This means you can join from the comfort of your home and don't need to worry about travel or finding a babysitter.

We keep class sizes small so that you can build strong connections with the other mothers in your group and have time to share.

​Each week, we focus on a different major obstacle, that when tackled correctly, helps new moms go from just surviving to thriving! 

Our experience is a comprehensive and updated approach to early motherhood that combines the best that science and nature have to offer new mothers.


And best of all–at the end of classes all participants also receive 12 Weeks of Ongoing Support.


Learn about the effects of social distance and isolation and how to build a strong personal community. You will discover the tools to navigate complex partner dynamics and apply healthy conflict management. With Rhea, meaningful relationships are nurtured, loneliness dissipates, and you build a stronger bond with your child.


Overcome anxiety and depression

Get more personal time and enjoy family time more

Deal with angry feelings

Know how to build lasting friendships while isolated

Understand patterns to improve sleep

Know how to recognize mental health warning signs

Overcome urinary incontinence

Understand postpartum from a baby's perspective

Know how to set up a safe sleeping environment for your baby

Process difficult feelings surrounding your birth and postpartum

Treat yourself like a priority

Shift your self-talk to be uplifting

Create a clear postpartum plan

Have increased empathy for your baby and yourself


You will understand the effects of social distance and isolation. You will come out knowing how to build a strong personal community. You will discover the tools to navigate complex partner dynamics and apply healthy conflict management. Meaningful relationships will be nurtured, loneliness will dissipates, and you will build a stronger bond with your child.


You will learn how to detect and strengthen a weak pelvic floor to overcome urinary leakage and sexual discomfort. You will come to understand common physical changes that accompany birth and why it's crucial to restore the pelvic floor (even after a C-section). Together, we will practice the key exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent prolapse.


You will understand your baby's transition from womb to world, get ideas for safe sleeping arrangements, and learn how to find a sleep schedule that aligns with family and work. You will find that getting a good night's rest has never been easier or more consistent.


Come out knowing how to recognize and overcome postpartum depression and identify other mental conditions. Understand when to speak to a therapist and the best questions to ask. We help remove the shame from needing help and make it easy to recognize the mental health warning signs.


View self-care as a daily discipline through sleep, nutrition, and meeting basic needs. Learn how to take an active role in self care, how to regain a strong sense of identity, and how to create a routine that works. You will discover that healing, health, and happiness is always available.

3 Months of Support

Your Own Health Expert

A lack of support can feel frustrating. That's why we connect you to a private group that consists of the members of your class as well as your instructor. This group will allow you to ask questions for 3 months, so even if something comes up later, you have someone in your corner.

Ongoing Education

Healing takes time. That's why for three months after attending a class, Rhea connects you with additional resources through weekly emails. These emails offer gradual education that allows you to continue to grow without feeling overwhelmed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love it or Leave it

We're so confident that our program will help you that we'll refund your tuition after the first week of class if you don't love it. We'll also let you keep your Student Workbook and all reference materials!

Learn to Prevent &  Recognize  Serious Postpartum Issues Early

So they don't end up costing you thousands of dollars later.


"I love it when I hear moms say,

these are the tools I've been looking for."

Amber Payne

First time mom

This class was incredible. It gave me so many resources and more help than I thought I needed. I would seriously recommend this class to every woman who has recently had a baby. Even women who have had multiple children should take this class not just first time moms. After having my baby I had so much anxiety and depression and I didn’t know where to turn. I am so grateful for Rhea, for the friendships I found, the resources and the help that I needed during that difficult time. 

Alexis Barney

2 children

I have absolutely loved the 5 week course! It’s been such a great outlet and learning center. Kasaundra is so inviting and loving, which made it easy to share my postpartum experience and feelings. I have come away not only with a new community of friends, but also loads of education. The classes have given me the ability to shift my point of view and hopefully I can start to thrive in my postpartum journey!

Sara Deeks

1 child + pregnant

I took Rhea's postpartum class online and really enjoyed it. The community the group of us built was one of support and a place to share experiences. Kasaundra was a fantastic teacher who facilitated great discussion and took the time to learn the needs of each member of the class. The material was so needed for new moms. I especially loved the classes on emotional health and self care. Things that new moms often don't think about. I highly recommend this class to other new moms!


Take the guesswork out of early motherhood.

Find guidance, find a community, and find support.

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