Every Mom Deserves Help

Pregnant women are preparing for birth and taking an active role in birth more than ever before, but only a handful of women prepare for and take an active role in the postpartum period.


At Rhea, female health professionals guide mothers through a structured 5 week course (90 minutes per week). These classes and check ins let women come together and heal during what could be a very difficult time. 

Whether you're still pregnant, 6 months postpartum, or just had your 5th child, this 5 week course will encourage healing and empower you to take an active role in your recovery. 

Let's Beat The Odds

20% of new moms experience more anger

24% of moms have urinary incontinence

25% of moms have postpartum depression

50% of new moms feel stressed

80% of new moms have baby blues

90% of new moms feel lonely

What to Expect

​During the 5-weeks of live online classes you will learn about taking care of your mind, body, and emotions and get access to tools to immediately help you start to heal.

But because we care for you wholly, the purchase of a class also includes 3 months of ongoing supportcheck-ins and weekly education.

You will be sustained by a community of women who not only know how to help, but have been where you are.


Rhea teaches you about the effects of social distance and isolation and how to build a strong personal community. You will discover the tools to navigate complex partner dynamics and apply healthy conflict management. With Rhea, meaningful relationships are nurtured, loneliness dissipates, and you build a stronger bond with your child.

Join an amazing community of mothers and make a friend for life.

Invaluable workshops and 3 months of postnatal support at an amazing price.

All of our mentors are certified doulas or midwives with over 15 years of experience.

You will receive a  Student Workbook so you can always come back to what you've learned.

Join an online class from the convenience of your home.