Katie Foerster
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I felt very prepared to become a mother for my first having been the oldest of 7. After the difficult birth of my first, I was flooded with well-meaning advice but found that it often felt wrong to me. Looking back, I wish one person had told me that my intuition is powerful and there is no one size fits all approach to motherhood. With my second I gathered more information and committed to myself that I would follow my babies lead instead of forcing boundaries that someone told me was “the only way”. My own struggles lead me to being passionate about supporting women on their motherhood journey. 

I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula and New Parent Educator. I have taken trainings in Infant Massage and Reflexology, Recognizing and Preventing Postpartum Mood Disorders, and Cuarentena Traditions. 
A mark of someone truly passionate about their trade is continuing education. I love to read, and have read 40+ books on motherhood, pregnancy, birth and postpartum and counting. I have taken many trainings already and commit to continue to do so going forward. I am always learning new ways to support mothers and families in their diversity. 

  • Doulaed Mentorship Program

  • Massage and Reflexology Techniques for the Professional Doula Training

  • Holding Space for Birth, Breath and Dead Workshop

  • Recognizing and Preventing Postpartum

  • Mood Disorders Training

  • Infant Massage Techniques Training

  • Curtis Method HypnoDoula training

  • Advanced Rebozo Training

  • Acupressure for Labor Training

  • The VBAC Link Doula Training

  • CAPPA Postpartum Trained Doula

  • CAPPA New Parent Educator Training