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Hello mama and congrats on your new bundle of joy! The fourth trimester is full of so many joyous & precious moments. All I ever wanted to be my whole life was a mom and I thought there was no one more prepared to be a mom than me. After two years of trying, I finally had my dream come true. But those sweet little moments were clouded by postpartum depression.


I got postpartum depression with all three of my kids and didn’t even know. I suffered all alone, not telling a soul; I just thought I was a bad mom. When my youngest turned three in 2018, I became a birth doula and finally learned that I had been suffering postpartum depression. I was shocked that I had to become a birth doula to finally learn about postpartum depression. Why didn’t anyone talk about it, or let me know? I wasn’t alone in this – very few women know about postpartum mental health. It became my life’s mission to spread awareness and educate new moms about postpartum depression; to let them know they are good moms, that it’s ok to take care of yourself, and to let them know where to seek help if needed. 


I am here to provide support through education for your beautiful fourth trimester.

  • Postpartum International Support

  • Trained by postpartum expert Dr. Shoshana S. Bennett

  • Holding Space for Birth, Breath and Death workshop

  • Massage Reflexology Techniques for the professional Doula

  • Trained in Spinning Babies

  • Hypnobabies Trained Doula

  • Advanced Rebozo Certified 

  • The VBAC Link Doula Certified

  • Cuarentena Postpartum Certified

  • Birth & Breastfeeding Solutions Certified