Frequently asked questions

I'm pregnant, can I still join classes?

Absolutely. Many of our mothers prefer to take this class before baby arrives while others like to wait until after delivery. In either instance you'll find your experience engaging and relevant. Plus our ongoing support connects you with resources and a health professional for 3 months so you shouldn't feel any pressure to meet a specific timing window. Choose the timing that works best for you.

How recently do I need to have had a child to attend a class?

Our experience is most applicable to mothers who had a child in the last 1000 days.

Are these classes online or in person?

All classes are live-online. Come prepared to interact with your instructor and other moms in real-time.

Will there be options to make up a class if I miss one?

Yes. You can chose to have your instructor send you a recording of the missed class, or you can join another group for the week you missed. Please work with your instructor if you miss a class.