Birth is Just the Start
​Ask Yourself These Questions
  • Do you feel blue, depressed, angry, or excessively worried?

  • Are you still searching for answers on how to feel "normal" after giving birth?

  • Have you had a hard time transitioning into motherhood?

    • Not sleeping well?

    • Not able to talk to your spouse?

    • Do you feel like you've lost yourself as an individual and you're just a full-time mom?

  • Do you need more parent friends?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're like thousands of moms all over the world who need help adjusting to the social, mental, and physical changes that come with motherhood.

At Rhea Women's Health we want to revolutionize the postnatal experience for women.



How Does Rhea Help Me?

As a group of birth professionals, we've created an experience to give moms 5 weeks of face-to-face education followed by 3 months of support so they can get everything they need for the 4th trimester and beyond. 

You will learn how to master baby and mommy sleep schedules; how to care for the pelvic floor, and diastasis recti; how to surmount postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, or anger; how to navigate physical, mental, and sexual changes; how to maintain strong family relationships; and most importantly how to feel like yourself again.


And because we care for you wholly, we continue to support you for 3 months so that you can receive continued guidance along your healing journey.

Take the first step in your recovery and join us for five weeks of interactive learning and 3 months of support.

15+ years of experience

Certified doulas or midwives

Online or In-Person

A community of mothers