Birth happens in one day.

Postpartum recovery can take over a year.

Pregnant women are preparing for birth and taking an active role in birth more than ever before, but only a handful of women prepare for and take an active role in the postpartum period.


At Rhea, female postpartum professionals guide mothers through a structured 5 week course (90 minutes per week). These classes and check ins let women come together and heal during what could be a very difficult time. 

Whether you're still pregnant, 6 months postpartum, or just had your 5th child, this 5 week course will encourage healing and empower you to take an active role in your postpartum recovery. 

Empowering Moms Through Evidence-Based Education

At Rhea we believe knowledge is power, so we give moms researched and evidence-based curriculum and resources so have more control over their postpartum recovery, more power to overcome incontinence, diastasis recti, exhaustion, breastfeeding troubles, baby blues, PPD, traumatic birth experiences, physical trauma sustained during pregnancy or birth. 

A Personal Experience

No one puts your experience at the heart of everything quite like we do. We are always listening to gain a better understanding of how we can help you succeed as a mom and an individual. A healthier you means a better bond with your baby and your family. 

Ongoing Support

Healing takes time. Whereas women get only one checkup with their OBGYN or Midwife after they give birth, we provide 5 weeks of face-to-face help, and 12 months of contact to make sure your 1st year after baby goes smoothly. That's why Rhea doesn't go away after 5 weeks of classes–we continue to connect you to community, knowledge, and exercises to keep strengthening your body, mind and spirit.


  • How to recognize and overcome postpartum depression

  • Helping a spouse with postpartum depression

  • Other postpartum mental states

  • Conditions we mistake for postpartum depression

  • The "SUNSHINE" guide for mental wellness

  • When to speak to a therapist and the best questions to ask


  • ​How to detect and strengthen a weak pelvic floor

  • How to overcome incontinence, no more urinary leaks when you sneeze or jump rope

  • How to eliminate discomfort or pain with sex

  • Body alignment

  • The 9 key exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent prolapse

  • Other common physical changes and how to overcome them


  • The effects of social distance and isolation

  • Partner dynamics

  • Emotional awareness

  • Grounding and healthy conflict management

  • The "Strawberry" approach to friendship

  • How to build your personal community


  • The transition from womb to world

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • The crib safety checklist

  • The "Safe Sleep Seven"

  • The "Better Sleep" list - helping moms get more sleep


  • How to take an active role in your self care

  • 151 self care ideas - handout

  • How to be more than just a mom

  • Establishing a routine

  • Nutrition and food ideas


Five Weeks of Classes

90 Minute Classes

This isn't a lecture. You can expect to interact with other moms and even do physical and emotional exercises together in class. Come prepared to connect, to share, and to ask questions. 

Prevent Postpartum Problems

50% of women in the US experience prolapse–this can be prevented. Too many moms wait until something goes wrong before they see a mental health therapist, a pelvic floor specialist, or any other consultant. Rhea gives you the opportunity to develop healthy habits and fix problems before they get big.

Female Health Experts

Rhea puts you in front of female health experts, certified birth and postnatal doulas and restorative yoga instructors. Each team member at Rhea is passionate about helping mothers. They will unpack the postpartum period, they will listen and and give you personalized recommendations for healing.

Judgement Free

No matter your experiences, we accept you as you are and foster an environment of acceptance. We have all had different experiences with pregnancy and birth–and that's what makes us strong. Rhea is a place where moms support one another and feel supported.

Personal Recovery

We genuinely care about you-moms, we want to check in with you and make sure you have everything you need. Recordings can feel cold and impersonal, that's why Rhea always has live instructors–even online! You can feel confident that your questions will be addressed and you'll be given the personal attention that makes all the difference in healing.

Activity Workbook

Don't stress about remembering everything because we provide you with a workbook of all the exercises we cover during class.


Live online classes are available so you can be part of a community from the comfort of your couch.

12 Months of Support

Your Own Health Expert

A lack of support can feel frustrating. That's why we connect you to a private group that consists of the members of your class as well as your instructor. This group will allow you to ask questions for 12 months, so even if something comes up 8 months later, you have someone in your corner.

New Exercises - Email

It's important to find the solutions that work for you. That's why Rhea emails you new exercises each week to strengthen your mind and body. Find the ones that work best in your life, don't worry, they only take 60 seconds to try.

Ongoing Education - Email

Healing takes time. That's why Rhea connects you with new resources through weekly emails. You won't have to hunt for the latest in postpartum, it comes right to you.

One Amazing Community

Moms Like You

When you join Rhea, you join a private community of mothers and healthcare providers. You'll have access to their knowledge and experience to help you continue to thrive.

Ongoing Growth

You'll have the opportunity to join community challenges. This is a great way to meet other moms, build friendships, and stay accountable to your own healing journey.

Best in the Business

Rhea connects you with local providers and products at discounted rates so you can feel confident you're getting the best care at the best price.