About Us

Pregnant women are preparing for birth and taking an active role in birth more than ever before, but only a handful of women prepare for and take an active role in their health after birth. At Rhea, we are passionate about educating, healing, supporting, and empowering women after every birth.

Early motherhood involves a new baby, sleep deprivation, relationship changes, hormonal changes, pelvic floor pain or  c-section wounds, sexual changes, bouts of isolation, feelings of identity loss and more. The healthcare system offers 1-2  appointments for new moms and most women are considered healed 6 weeks after giving birth. Women need more support, more education, and more care. At Rhea Women’s Health, we are starting a revolution. 

Join the Revolution

By signing up for our five-week class (90-minutes per week) you will be surrounded by moms going through the same experiences as you and together you will participate in interactive classes led by female health professionals. 

You will learn about how to help with baby and mommy sleep schedule; how to care for the pelvic floor; how to manage postpartum depression, anxiety, and anger; what changes to expect physically, mentally, and sexually; how to maintain strong family relationships; and how to find yourself in your new role. 


With Rhea, you will navigate this new phase of their life with confidence, knowledge, healing, and a support system.

Who is Rhea?

Why do we call ourselves Rhea? Rhea (pronounced ‘ray-uh’) is the mother of all Gods in Greek mythology, ruler of fertility and motherhood. Her name means “at ease”. She is a powerful figure, often depicted with two lions at her side and she took great strides in helping her children. We believe that, like Rhea, mothers are the most powerful influencers in our society and deserve to be at ease.