Why do people hire a sherpa to climb Mount Everest? I mean, if you want to get to the top just keep going up, right? 


As you know, it's a bit more complicated than that...but sadly, this "just keep going" approach is how most women navigate the first year after birth (postpartum).

However, like climbing a large mountain, the postpartum period isn't something we can navigate by instinct alone. Without taking the time to understand this new phase of life, you may experience long-lasting issues and an unnecessarily difficult journey.

We are your guides through the first year after giving birth. We help you create a postpartum plan, teach you how to prevent serious issues, and enable you to build a strong community.

Don't gamble with your well being–reclaim your postpartum and turn it into a time of purposeful healing and growth.

What's Included?

Five Weeks of Classes

90 Minute Classes

This isn't a lecture. You can expect to interact with other moms and even do physical and emotional exercises together in class. Come prepared to connect, to share, and to ask questions. 

Student Workbook

When you purchase a class, you also receive a Student Workbook that has all your assignments and exercises in one place. 

Judgement Free

No matter your experiences, we accept you as you are and foster an environment of acceptance. We have all had different experiences with pregnancy and birth–and that's what makes us strong. Rhea is a place where moms support one another and feel supported.

Prevent Postpartum Problems

Too many moms wait until something goes wrong before they see a mental health therapist, a pelvic floor specialist, or any other consultant. Rhea gives you the opportunity to develop healthy habits and fix problems before they get big.

Personal Recovery

We genuinely care about you-moms, we want to check in with you and make sure you have everything you need. Recordings can feel cold and impersonal, that's why Rhea always has live instructors–even online! You can feel confident that your questions will be addressed and you'll be given the personal attention that makes all the difference in healing.

Female Health Experts

Rhea puts you in front of female health experts, certified birth and postnatal doulas and restorative yoga instructors. Each team member at Rhea is passionate about helping mothers. They will unpack the postpartum period, they will listen and and give you personalized recommendations for healing.

Online or In Person

Live online classes are available so you can be part of a dynamic community from the comfort of your couch.

3 Months of Support

Your Own Health Expert

A lack of support can feel frustrating. That's why we connect you to a private group that consists of the members of your class as well as your instructor. This group will allow you to ask questions for 3 months, so even if something comes up later, you have someone in your corner.

Monthly Screenings

Every month we send you a screening to ensure your mental, emotional, and physical health is on track. If your scores are below optimal, we reach out to you and create a plan of action.

Ongoing Educational Emails

Healing takes time. That's why for three months after attending a class, Rhea connects you with additional resources through weekly emails. These emails offer gradual education that allows you to continue to grow without feeling overwhelmed.

One Amazing Community

Moms Like You

When you join Rhea, you join a private community of mothers and healthcare providers. You'll have access to their knowledge and experience to help you continue to thrive.

Ongoing Growth

You'll have the opportunity to join community challenges. This is a great way to meet other moms, build friendships, and stay accountable to your own healing journey.


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801-839-5447  |  info@rheawomenshealth.com

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